Finally I have found my camera! Our Cub Camp was two nights at West Hall Scout Camp in Whitburn.  We didn’t take loads of pictures but the pictures we did take show what a good time was had by everyone. The weekend didn’t quite work out as we had planned it as the weather was so dismal, we went on the coldest weekend in March for 30 years, I have never felt cold like it. I think being at the coast didn’t help as the wind was just horrific. Despite the rubbish wether we did all make the most of it and thanks to a great team of adults who were willing to put on their thermals  we did all have a good time;  we haven’t heard anything negative back so that is a plus. We had planned on doing all the activities outdoors but we couldn’t spend more than 30 minutes at a time outside as it was just too cold, but we did manage to do most of what we had planned. The Jousting on mini space hoppers was good, also the balance beam splash was fun but unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of that, we had a camp fire on the second night and had a surprise visit from two police officers (one of them was the father of one of the cubs) who gave us quite a start when they came walking up out of  the dark woods in their flurescent coats, I thought we were in trouble lol!  Thankfully it was just to say hello. We did outdoor exercises every morning to wake everyone up, FREEZING! is the only word I will associate with that; although it certainly did wake us up. We had a six course Medieval banquet on the Saturday night with Two desserts and a slap up roast chicken dinner on the Sunday with cake and custard for pud, we played lots of games, gave out loads of daft prizes, including a prize for the daftest slippers, ate loads and  tried to keep warm! Have a look at the pice :0)